Find or offer help on image collection projects to create fresh street level map data in locations where it's needed for Google Street View, Mapillary, and more...

Photographers for hire

David Greenwood

Trek View is using computer vision and street-level panoramic imagery of the nat...

Traditional, LIDAR, 360, Bicycle, Foot

[{"id": "38e369b86760624c639a804b7951e0c3", "type": "Feature", "properties": {"photographer_id": "9b238253-2b8c-4523-98eb-eb0b0c12be8d"}, "geometry": {"coordinates": [[[-6.047760189387532, 59.50768455108374], [-0.3871517224832246, 59.52295939948772], [2.7743583255230533, 51.88456080146136], [-0.08605552743489397, 50.27694949375967], [-6.951048774532467, 49.5986958252592], [-13.093411153513472, 52.69488470796429], [-6.047760189387532, 59.50768455108374]]], "type": "Polygon"}}]